zondag 1 december 2013

Ins and Outs #1

I love it when People write Ins and outs and I’m delighted to share mine.


The holidays are coming: As soon as Starbucks starts serving their lovely drinks in the happy red cups I know Christmas is around the corner. We are putting up the christmastree today and I’m pondering over whether to buy more Christmas decoration for the rest of the house. I might even endeavor in some home craft.

Winter food: It’s getting colder and we can all indulge in caramel hot chocolate , cookies, a nice stew, the list goes on and on.  I love cooking, especially in the winter
My Birthday: It’s my birthday on the 8th,  a day I love to spend with my loved ones. This year I decided to invite everybody over to my place and have a high tea. It’s going to be a busy weekend. We’ll have family over on Friday and Sunday and on Saturday we’re going to a wedding.

Reading: I just finished the fifty shades of grey trilogy and started in the Marriage Bargain. I have been a little obsessed with erotic novels. The funny thing is  I don’t even like the erotic part.I like the story behind Mr Grey. Cut away the red room of pain and you have a nice love story. 


Cleaning and organizing: I’m trying to find a way to persuade myself to keep everything clean and organized but it’s harder than I thought. I’m not a neat person so it’s hard to change but I’m motivated to try harder.

I can’t think of any other outs.
My question for you: What are you reading at the moment?


donderdag 28 november 2013

Well hello there,

Nice to meet you, my name is Annelies. I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while but I had difficulties pinning down the “theme”. I decided that I’m going to write about me, the girl in the mirror.  This blog is going to be a place where I hope to inspire and  be inspired

So here I am, writing, nervous to share my passion to whoever’s Interested to read my scribbles. I will write about the things I love ( cooking and baking), things I want to try ( DIY and OOTD) and things that I want to achieve ( cleaning PRO ).
I hope you’ll have as much fun reading as I’ll have sharing the good, and even some of  the bad of my little life.